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Leather is a lustrous cloth that is made from the skin of an animal or tanning its hide or a similar process and the hair is removed. The luxurious material is designed in a way that that it can no longer decay or even dry up.

There are a various types of leather which include full grain leather it is characterized by the immanent toughness and its’ imperfection and it’s the most expensive, top grain leather the hide blemished is split ,no visible imperfection and has a tincture that makes it more lovely. We then have the corrected grain leather it is made from layers of skin that are left after the top part is split off an also from the corium predominantly it is a bit tough and it is sanded to remove imperfection and is commonly used to make jackets. Also there is bonded leather that’s the cheapest, aniline leather, antique grain leather, chrome free leather, pigmented leather, crust leather, embossed leather, good hand leather that is suitable for winter hand gloves, kidskin leather, nubuck leather, oil tanned leather and suede. It is used to make cloth wears such as jackets, pants, dresses and skirts. It is also used to make other accessories such as gloves.


-The good thing about leather cloths is you able to get a variety of colors and style,

-it is good for cold places such as Canada due to its thickness,

-It is resistant to some effect such abrasions due to its strong nature and

- it is breathabilty. It is quite easy to repair and it is soft and comfortable to the body, smells good too and above all it is environmental friendly.


-It also comes with some cons such as it is unless it is water proof water can highly cause damage to it.

-It is also gets too hot when you wear it especially during summer which may be able irritating to the body.

We have faux leather that are categorized into polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane. Faux is much cheaper than real leather, versatile, it requires less maintenance compared to real leather, It is not easy for it to crack or fade. It is also resistant to stain. Although faux had many good qualities it does hold on to luster and it’s not like real leather which is hypo allergenic .

The gay community highly embrace tight leather pants and leather fetish wear that is believed to bring out some certain excitement and has be worn by the community for decades and also motorcycle drivers find it more convenient for them.